Shortly after purchasing our home, my husband and I discovered water leaking behind the wall from a split pipe, which runs to an outside faucet. It was apparent the leak occurred over a long period and involved drywall, insulation, and mold issues. Rapid Response Restoration responded quickly, treated us professionally, and resolved the problem in one service visit. We are grateful!
Heidi B. - Pikesville, MD Homeowner
When a fire started in our kitchen, it spread quickly, damaging other rooms of our home. There was a lot of burn damage, and so much soot and smoke damage as well. We honestly didn't think anything was going to be saved. It just seemed so bad... Thankfully we called Rapid Response Restoration and they not only acted quickly and efficiently, but they made us feel better by walking us through the process. It was a bad experience made better by a company that knows its stuff. THANK YOU!
Sharron K., Owings Mills Homeowner
I bought a new condo planning on remodeling it. Once I moved in I found out after that there was water damage behind the kitchen cabinets. I contacted Rapid to see what needed to be done. They were amazing and professional. They walked me through every step. After the mold remediation I was about to pick out everything I wanted for my new kitchen and they built it back for me. They did a wonderful job every step of the way. My kitchen is beautiful!
Sharyn Pinson, Homeowner